An Interview with Adam Rowledge

Creating a cinema room in a Grade-II listed building and renovating extensive areas at a hotel at the same time is no mean feat but for Adam Rowledge, general manager of Georgian House, this is just another day at the office.

We caught up with Adam to find out what developments are planned for the five-star property and his predictions for the hotel industry in 2018.

What is a typical day like as the general manager of Georgian House?
It’s such a cliché but no two days are ever the same, in fact no two days are even remotely similar! Georgian House is such an exciting place to work as there is so much going on. Whether it’s refurbishing our Wizard Chambers, creating London’s smallest cinema, Pimlico Pictures, developing a Wizard Cocktail or spending time developing our team, there’s always something exciting and challenging going on to improve our guest and employee experience.

What is your favourite part of the hotel and why?
I really love our dining room, Pimlico Pantry, as it’s such a versatile space. We go from serving 120 people for breakfast to being able to break it down into a dining area, a meeting room and bar. We get great feedback about the beautiful design and the quality of the relaxed dining experience, which is often the highlight of guests’ stays.

You have recently launched Pimlico Pictures and added three more of your world-renowned Wizard Chambers to the hotel, is it a challenge to make innovative changes in the hotel while maintaining the highest level of customer service?
It is! We’re a small hotel and have to work hard in planning these projects to ensure minimum disruption to our guests. Fortunately, we’re quite well practised at it now which is great as we’ve got many more exciting developments planned for the next few years ahead.

If you were to watch any movie with a person of your choice, what and who would it be and why?
My favourite film is Good Will Hunting and it would have to be with my wife. As we have two young kids, we grab every opportunity to spend quiet time together.

After a turbulent 12 months in the UK, what do you think will be the main challenges for the hospitality industry in the next few years?
We’ve had a hugely successful year, but I think things will become more commercially challenging over the next couple of years. As we all know, the biggest challenge is going to be attracting and retaining talented people to be part of our team. We invest heavily in employee development and making Georgian House a great place to work but it’s getting tougher and tougher.

What exciting new development is on the cards for Georgian House in 2018?
Developments, plural! There are lots of significant refurbishments scheduled including our reception area. This will be one of our bigger challenges to date in terms of managing the disruption. We are also going to be introducing some exciting new product and service offerings.

You have been a St. Julian Scholar since 2015, how has this aided your career progression?
Massively, I can’t emphasise enough really. Not only did attending the Cranfield Talent Development Programmemake me look at myself and things in a totally different way, the ongoing learning opportunities through the St. Julian Scholars network and bi-annual events have been invaluable.

Also, when I was interviewed for my role at Georgian House, the hotel partner Serena von der Heyde had also just been on a Master Innholders Scholarship to Cornell University, so I think that demonstrated to each other that we have the same values and gave us a great combined learning experience, which we utilise by working together really well.

What do you think will be the biggest trend in hotels and guest experience next year?
I think that Artificial Intelligence is going to start becoming more prevalent. The technology is advancing rapidly and has great potential for enhancing the great work that our teams do in delivering a fantastic guest experience, as well as providing significant commercial benefits.

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