Following the people first approach that Rowledge Associates practices, learning and development is a crucial element of the employee experience and one which impacts customer service, revenue and staff retention directly.

Focusing on leadership throughout all levels of the business, Adam assists individuals in evaluating their leadership styles and improving their effectiveness through personalised direction as well as working with teams on communication and trust, two of the key components of high performing teams.

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We also work with specialist practitioners in subjects such as Lean Six Sigma, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Strategic Human Resource Management, please click here to enquire for further details.

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The process

We always consult with you and your participants to ensure that the content of our workshops is tailored to your industry, business and team so that we deliver the desired outcomes with actionable takeaways for all participants. We also offer blended delivery models to ensure that these takeaways are implemented and the learning is fully embedded. Adam will build a relationship with the attendees, encouraging an open dialogue and environment of trust in which to best deliver the training messages, and to ensure they are retained. Communication, knowledge and teamwork remain consistent pillars supporting every programme that is delivered by Rowledge Associates. All of our workshops can be delivered remotely making it even easier to continue the development of your team.
Why you should contact us
  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Happier teams and improved teamwork
  • Improve communication and trust in teams
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • More efficient work environment
  • Increased revenue and sales
  • Optimising customer experience
  • Training for Owners, Executive Managers, Heads of Departments, Supervisors and Team Members


All of our workshops are now available to be delivered as online masterclasses and live sessions