A champion of the employee experience, Adam has continually driven the businesses he has worked with towards improving their internal engagement from recruitment, through training and development, to retention. Focusing on efficiency and effectiveness, Adam critically assesses business processes and activities, carefully examining all functions of the working inputs and outputs in order to determine the key areas for improvement. Calling on his wealth of experience and knowledge, he is then able to implement appropriate tools and techniques from his previous proven successes to streamline working requirements which contribute to increased revenue as a result of maximised opportunities.

The process

After a thorough investigation of the business, Adam takes a sequential approach to his consultancy work. Starting with recruitment and onboarding of new team members, he will then advise on a training and development strategy that will best support your business goals.

Using a holistic style, Adam ensures employees are well served by wellbeing practices encouraging and promoting personal care. Focusing on personal health and wellbeing is a critical stage of the process as it directly impacts employee engagement.

Retention is the final stage of optimising the employee experience. Giving guided consultation on open and honest communication, implementing a people first philosophy and creating a culture of cross-departmental ownership for team welfare, retention can be dramatically improved.

Adam’s personal beliefs in empowerment, independence and involvement act as a steady undercurrent to the direction around retention to influence the employee experience.

Why you should contact us
  • Happier teams and improved teamwork
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Improved customer service
  • More efficient work environment
  • Consultancy advice and support for Owners, Executive Managers, Heads of Departments, and Supervisors